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 As a technology-driven venture studio,  we deliver exceptional digital products, streamline processes, high-performing teams and support the creation of new companies.

Our team is made up of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and engineers who have a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem and what it takes to build and scale successful companies.

We work both with early-stage and growth phase startups, providing them with the necessary resources, expertise, and network to turn their ideas into reality.


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About 90% of




misleading market


running out of funding and personal money

weak founding team


beat by competition

Other major reasons:
pricing/cost issues, user-unfriendly product,
poor marketing, product mistiming


By leveraging our 25 years of experience,  founders can decrease the risk  

associated with launching and scaling their businesses.
We have the ability to navigate challenges, mitigate risks,  
and increase
the chances 
of success for the startups.

The best way to learn more about entrepreneurship is to start a company.

Startup owners can spend around 40% of their working hours on tasks that do not generate income such as hiring, HR tasks, and payroll.

The average age of tech startup founders is 45.

The most popular financing method for startups costs in 2023 was "love money" aka friends and family.
[Chamber of Commerce]

The largest challenge that fintech startups face is the cost of customer acquisition.
[McKinsey Panorama Report]

One in four businesses, were not able to receive the funding they required, which led to limiting the growth of their business.

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We have
been there,

 done that 

Our founders and senior engineers are deeply familiar with, and have experienced first hand, the challenges and headaches faced by startups. If you have asked yourself the following questions, take the next step and get to know our services.


We launch

Describing the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.

We scale up

Assisting growth stage
startups in scaling their
businesses by leveraging
Goroid's network and

We keep on

Supporting established startups in maintaining and improving their products and services to stay competitive in the market.

Your challange

​• Determining the big idea, MVP scope and G2M strategy requires years of experience

• You need wide mix of knowledge, but early investment tickets are too small for a proper team

• You are looking for an agile, dynamic, quick and cost efficient method.

• Unless your founder team is tech heavy both In-house and outsource IT are super risky and takes your focus away from the business.

Our job

​• We extend your experiences on problem-solution fit and product/service design.

• We provide a complete team with technology + product leadership.

• We offer ready to use development tools, out of box modules from our library and instant cloud solutions.

• We help you to react the MVP and prepare for the next investment round

Book a call if you need an experienced CTO to discuss your idea with or need to develop and launch an MVP and do not have time and money for trials.


We're passionate
collaboration with a  
positive  attitude and making things happen

Humans first
Putting people at the center of everything we do.
Founders, developers, and investor partners are driving innovation and progress forward.

Common sense
Using practical, logical, and intuitive reasoning to solve problems and make decisions.
We value clear and simple solutions.

Being able to adapt quickly to changes and challenges, and having a flexible mindset
and approach.

Leveraging the knowledge and expertise gained from 25 years of successes and failures to support our startup partners

Maintaining a positive attitude, promoting optimism, and focusing on opportunities rather than problems.

Working together with diverse teams , sharing ideas, knowledge, and resources to achieve
common goals.

Middle ground
We strive to maintain a work life harmony as well as balancing risk and reward in our decisions. We take into account different perspectives and find compromise.

Leveraging existing resources, solutions, and processes to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

No excuse. Taking accountability for our actions, decisions, and results is a must. Th is is the only
way to make things happen



of work

We use many words start with


Review. We always start by reviewing your existing goals, team, product and market fit,
and determine together what needs to be done.

Reboot. We are not afraid to start from scratch or refactor your existing system if deemed necessary. We find the right answers for your current questions based on the goals we agree upon.

Reuse. Our teams of 4-6 people complete projects with the help of our proven modules. We reuse teams, ideas, code and all resources.

Research. We keep up with industry standards, requirements and best practices.

Replicate. We follow proven patterns, making sure that the solutions and processes we use are top notch, but already battle tested. From experience. No trial and error.

Responsibility. We develop what you need, hold your hand and let you move forward on the path we have carved together.


We love proven & high velocity technologies


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No code, low code

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We build relationships not only products

The companies we invested in and/or we are working together.

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"For our pivoted business model, we joined forces with Goroid and completely rebuilt the technology team and our product.
Thanks, guys."

 Dr. Endre Varga 
CEO and founder, DicomLAB



Join us
and help great
startup stories
to grow

At Goroid, we value the power of soft skills, collaboration, and friendship, and are committed to creating a remote work environment that empowers our A+ team to work from anywhere in the world.

Through our unique motivational system, our colleagues benefit from the success of our clients, ensuring that we are all working towards the same goals. If you share these values, please contact us via

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