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Preparing to Climb

You + goroid

If you feel stuck in technology, we can be your trusted hands-on partner in starting or scaling your business.​

What we do ​

  • Building a technology team can be a daunting task for non-technical business owners.

  • Outsourcing or building an in-house team both come with their own risks and can divert focus from the business.

  • Selecting the right tech stack that fits the company's needs and can can grow with the business is crucial for success.


As a venture studio we understand these challenges,
invest resources and time to ​develop your product and team, and boost your business.​

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Do not take any production risks. Work with our experienced team with proven and mature tools and technologies. We will be there by your side just like an internal co-founder team while providing the extensive knowledge and flexibility of typical external partners.


We have been there, done that.

Our founders and senior engineers are deeply familiar with, and have experienced first-hand, the challenges and headaches faced by startups. If you have asked yourself the following questions, take the next step and get to know our services.

We launch

Your challange

  • Determining the big idea, MVP scope and G2M strategy requires years of experience

  • You need wide mix of knowledge, but early investment tickets are too small for a proper team

  • You are looking for an agile, dynamic, quick and cost efficient method.

  • Unless your founder team is tech heavy both In-house and outsource IT are super risky and takes your focus away from the business.

Book a call if you need an experienced CTO to discuss your idea with or need to develop and launch an MVP and do not have time and money for trials.

Our job

  • We extend your experiences on problem-solution fit and product/service design.

  • We provide a complete team with technology + product leadership.

  • We offer ready to use development tools, out of box modules from our library and instant cloud solutions.

  • We help you to react the MVP and prepare for the next investment round

Our job

  • We help to define an optimal and scalable infrastructure, rebuild the technology if needed and hand over all the development in due time. 

  • We recruit, onboard or rebuild your team, train them and get them up and running.

  • We work on product-market fit and redefine your product / service design if needed.

We Scale up

Your challange

  • Finding your tech stack and turn MVP into a scalable system by using future-proof technologies.

  • Focusing on the business, finding the product-market fit, generating a service track record.

  • Building a long-term team capable of developing and maintaining the product.

  • Growing fast, motivating and keeping your team on track.

  • Balancing between time and cost

Call us if your are struggling with your tech team or product and need help accelerating your growth.

We Keep on

Your challange

  • Setting proper KPIs to run a healthy business and extend your target markets.

  • Finetuning your product, sales and technology.

  • Following the purpose, creating a sustainable profitable business.

  • Measuring and optimizing your organization.

If you just need another set of eyes, experts for fine-tuning, let's talk.

Our job

  • We are there to back you and help keeping your promises.

  • We constantly analyze the newest best practices and trends to keep you fresh and remain on the top.

  • We support your team in change management, coach them and offer continuous consulting.

  • We help you on exit strategy.


We specialize in digitizing business operations for greater efficiency, scalability, and cost savings. We invests our time and source in exciting projects and seeks to contribute to their growth and success. We offer affordable hourly rates, align their goals with our clients' by prioritizing equity, and incentivize our senior partner team to achieve success. 



László Késmárki

Laszlo, a former founder and CTO at NNG, has extensive experience in scaling up companies. He was able to grow the company from just 4 employees to a team of 1000. After selling his shares, he has since been supporting over 10 startups as a business angel, founder, and architect.



Erik Szabó

For the past 20 years, Erik ran a successful creative agency in CEE, selling both physical and digital products and concepts. After the company was acquired by WPP, he transitioned to helping startups, including one that went public.


Way of work

We use many words start with Re

Review. We always start by reviewing your existing goals, team, product and market fit, and determine together what needs to be done.

Reboot. We are not afraid to start from scratch or refactor your existing system if deemed necessary. We find the right answers for your current questions based on the goals we agree upon.

Reuse. Our teams of 4-6 people complete projects with the help of our proven modules. We reuse teams, ideas, code and all resources.

Research. We keep up with industry standards, requirements and best practices.

Replicate. We follow proven patterns, making sure that the solutions and processes we use are top notch, but already battle tested. From experience. No trial and error.

Responsibility. We develop what you need, hold your hand and let you move forward on the path we have carved together.

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At Goroid, we value the power of soft skills, collaboration, and friendship, and are committed to creating a remote work environment that empowers our A+ team to work from anywhere in the world. Through our unique motivational system, our colleagues benefit from the success of our clients, ensuring that we are all working towards the same goals.
If you share these values, please contact us via LinkedIn.

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Erik Szabó

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László Késmárki


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